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The Galeshewe Theatre Organisation

Established in 2009 and formally registered in the Northern Cape Province of South Africa as a Not-For-Profit Company in 2010.

The name, Galeshewe, is specifically chosen, not only to honour the virtues, values and leadership embodied through the renowned and highly respected Tswana traditional leader, Kgosi Galeshewe; but further to position the significance of the African voice within the space of community self-reflection, identity and development for the Northern Cape and the Continent. Having witnessed the power of the theatre and the arts in raising awareness and responsibility towards the narratives, conceptions, knowledges and practices shaping ourselves; and having seen how the transfer in arts skills has resulted in the socio-cultural change of youths and communities as well as the opening up of socio-economic development streams - the Galeshewe Theatre Organisation’s (GATO) Mission and Vision is:

GATO Vision

‘Using the performing arts to call and critically reflect on the histories and narratives of the various communities of and associated historically with the Northern Cape in order to generate new cultural groundings and practices for social and economic inclusion, social justice, nation building and social cohesion development purposes’.

GATO Mission:

  • Focus on restoring the pride and dignity of communities of and associated with the Northern Cape in their history, heritage and sense of belonging.
  • Build the capacity and provide opportunities for the Northern Cape, Regional and SADC-based youths in particular to contribute meaningfully towards social and economic inclusion, social justice, nation building and social cohesion in their communities through skills transferal, mentoring, programmes and specialized interventions providing access to mainstream economies, networks and opportunities.
  • Facilitate a growing conversation and development focus around what the Arts contribute to socio-economic and socio-cultural change and development.

GATO Members & Associates

Mkhululi Z. Mabija

Musical theatre composer and performer.

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Moagi Modise
Creative Director

Writer, director, performing artist

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Monwabisi Bangiwe

Dance instructor, singer and actor

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