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Artists in Schools Programme

The Artists-in-Schools (AiS) Programme is a national arts development programme funded by the national Department of Arts and Culture and implemented through various arts organisations and institutions nationally.

The overall objectives of the programme are amongst others, to address the historical imbalance in the lack of access to arts education in many schools, particularly those in rural areas as well as those previously under-resourced; to foster an appreciation for the arts amongst audiences and to create employment and development opportunities for artists.

Since 2014 GATO has been involved in implementing the AiS Programme in the Northern Cape across the municipal areas including those of the Phokwane, Ga-Segonyana, Magareng and Sol Plaatje Local Municipalities. In GATO’s implementation of this programme, artists are empowered to work with school teachers and learners in the development of the performing arts as an extracurricular activity through classes usually taking place once a week. Outcomes from these classes have not only included the programme providing school teachers and learners with exposure in these art forms where previously they might not have had access to this,  but has also resulted in schools seeing an improvement in the discipline, focus, reading and writing skills as well as in the goals and objectives of the learners participating in the classes.

For more information on the AiS, click on this link. http://www.dac.gov.za/content/artists-schools-programme


GATO’s AiS Programme:  Areas of Work

GATO works in the rural municipalities of Magareng, Sol Plaatje, Ga-Segonyana and Phokwane.

Mentoring of Artists


From its own experience over the past several years as well as from observations of some of the challenges facing the performing arts sector, GATO has realised the need to implement a mentoring programme which will ensure that once GATO has completed its process of work and development within a community, that a new performing arts company or organisation is able to be set up and assisted in development in order to continue with arts transformation and socio-economic development purposes in communities.

GATO’s mentoring programmes therefore currently focus around:

  • Assisting companies to understand the business processes and cycles with regards the Performing Arts
    • Ensuring that new companies and organisations understand the need to plan and co-ordinate their own events rather than waiting to be called to perform
    • Ensuring that new companies and organisations understand the need to develop marketing strategies for their products
    • Ensuring above all, that companies and organisations understand the need to source funds on their own and are not reliant on paying consultants percentages for writing proposal and reports for them.


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